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System Excellence Management

System Excellence Management

Systems that have complex design and operating regime need critical maintenance and management schedules. While the whole world runs with hype of leveraging AI/ML technologies for every conceivable problem, these technologies do not by any means provide solutions without the experts knowledge and intervention. Our unique value proposition is to help businesses with Systems Excellence Management through “Human-in-Loop” based AI and ML System. This is the true future of AI wherein the systems operational performance is constantly monitored and improved by the AI/ML model based on constant and appropriate feedback from the Human experts. For eg., in an airport complex, a Baggage Handling System (BHS) is a complex system that is designed to be highly reliable with excellent operational stability.


However, still a BHS system goes through a number of failures that can result in huge loss of productivity, logistics disruption and monetary loss. To predict failure of a BHS the sensor data is analyzed using a ML model. But the pattern of anomalies identified by the ML model is presented to an expert and based on iterative feedback the anomalies are categorized to predict failure or anomalous behavior.


Predictive Maintenance

  • Prevents unplanned downtime
  • Optimizes maintenance schedules
  • In conjunction with Order Management (OMS) reduces inventory cost and optimizes procurement.

Asset Monitoring

  • Monitor the asset to highlight deviations in performance, e.g. high pressure in a gas pipeline to prevent issues such as gas leaks
  • Provide input to research to create better materials and products
  • Reduce cost through remote monitoring and remote management of equipment.
  • Integrate with our machine vision technology to drive actionable insights Contact us to learn more and drive solutions specific to your needs
Contact us to learn more and drive solutions specific to your needs.

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