Xformics AI Driven IoT Platform
Scalable Edge-detect IOT Platform | Low latency data acquistion | Seamless connectivity & Interoperability

Xformics IOT Platform Software Components

Protocol Connectivity Matrix

  • X-BrokerTM Multi Protocol IoT Broker
    X-BrokerTM Multi Protocol IoT Broker produces a publisher subscriber interface to an IoT node which is protocol agnostic and helps Nodes and Gateways to communicate easily without the necessity of using highly sophisticated Broker software for each protocol.
  • X-MQTM Message Pipe and Queue
    X-MQTM Message Pipe and Queue form the backbone with persistent data storage process of messages with redundancy to have asynchronous dispatch of messages based on priority of which the messages has to be processed. The Queue interfaces with X-Broker TM, Data Store and AI Engines to provide a high availability and low latency.
  • X-IoTWSTM REST API and WebSockets
    X-IoTWSTMexposes REST API and WebSockets to improve communication with IoT Nodes, Gateways with exposure to configuration, process view and data view from a cloud based front end. This allows the user to view and diagnose the data from a centralized location rather than node/gateway level improving transparency in the whole process.

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