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Smart Stores

Smart Stores

Retail domain is increasingly becoming competitive. The companies that will surge forward are the ones that reinvent their stores as a physical extension of their online presence as well as create immersive environment that captivates their customers. The Xformics Smart Stores solution suite is a set of solutions that help you maximize the sales from your stores while reducing the costs.


ZipThru is our line busting solution that allows your customers to self serve by picking up the items and pay the pre-populated cart at checkout or be auto billed to their credit card utilizing the mobile app.



Gone are the days of misplaced items, repeated store counts and lost sales due to misplaced inventory. The inventory trak solution allows the store to keep up-to-date track of all the inventory at the store as well as their locations. Further, it allows your customer to avoid waiting for the sales associate to help them find the items and instead be directed to the items themselves. We can also create an optimum pick path for the customer based on their wish list.

Smart Sales Kiosks:

Our smart sale kiosks manage the Ads experience for the client once they are at the store (an captive audience). We have seen as much as 20-30% increase in sales as a result of our Smart Sales Kiosk. Connect with us to learn more.


Current store technology measures the foot traffic into the store. With our StoreMap solutions, track the heat map of customer movement within the store, identify popular spots as well as dark areas within the store. Further maximize your store sales by utilizing our enhanced customer profile that will let you know if the store is properly setup to server the local clientele and making the best use of the foot traffic. Contact us to learn more.

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