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In recent years, no other sector has seen as much disruption (and innovation) as Retail. Stiff competition from online retailers, smart shoppers who window shop and price match, shrinking foot traffic, high number of temporary staff in stores and warehouses leading to unsatisfactory customer service, security incidents and more has led to reduced customer retention and forced many retailers to cut down on their store count. The Retail chains that are doing well are specialty chains that cater to specific customer needs, or engaging with the customer effectively across multitude of channels. Most retailers are concentrating on Keep The Lights On (KTLO) operation and focusing on reducing their IT spend. However this is counterproductive as customer demand more, not less from the retailers. In response, most retailers want to digitize their operation (Digital Retail) and cut down on technical debt, however are unsure what the Digitization means in their business context and how to prioritize the digitization in a cost effective fashion.


With the team that has been at the forefront of Retail for 18+ years and is driving the next generation of innovation, our experience, products and services ensure the smooth transition of your operation into a Digitally Connected Retail experience that showcases your brand while reducing the overall IT spend. Contact(href contact us) with us now to learn how we can expand the capabilities of your existing resources to attain sustainable growth, drive customer engagement and retention while providing the intelligence to make SMART decisions driving by AI and IoT.

Transformational Solutions

Transforming your retail operations, defining and implementing Omni Channel Strategy and Architecture is a complex task.There is no set formula you can bank on. Your strategy needs to take into account your brand image, your customer profile and your current technology platformto create the most efficient path to realize YOUR vision. A good plan allows you to differentiate your services and branding, enables reduction of cost through optimization and automation, and drives sales through utilization of SMART data from your customers.


A good understanding of pricing strategy, team compensation strategy, process optimization, deep understanding of eCommerce application (customers, items, cart management, branding), Retail outlet operations, Order Management and Inventory Management enables you to differentiate on customer experience and create unified view of your brand to your customer. Extend the customer experience beyond the point of sale, e.g. in grocery, track the sales of items to enable selective recall of a batch of product such as Milk etc.


Gain efficiency and cost reduction through supply chain optimizations and automated Warehouse Operations, Logistics Management help reduce cost and realize efficiency.

Increase Sales:

Our Smart Stores enhance your sales opportunity by predicting customer behavior, generating actionable store specific insights and implementing an army of virtual sales team. Understand the store specific customer profile, in store customer and employee behaviors, traffic flow within the store and more.

Enhance Security:

In these days of ever increasing cyber threats, it is important to have strict controls on the mechanism by which equipment vendors manage your equipment remotely. Contact Us to learn how our security solution will prevent unauthorized access into your critical systems and avoid leaving backdoors for penetration attacks. For example, freezers in stores can be managed remotely in a secure fashion utilizing our solution reducing security threat as well as enabling energy efficiency.

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