Xformics AI Driven IoT Platform
Scalable Edge-detect IOT Platform | Low latency data acquistion | Seamless connectivity & Interoperability


Xformics AI Driven IoT PlatformTM is a set of hardware and software platforms which transforms the conventional IoT → Big Data→ Analytics system into a rich platform with data driven decision making capability at multiple levels of IoT namely Node → Gateway → Cloud →Service Fabric. The platform reduces latencies in data gathering using Edge IoT to detect edge events with delta information rather than cumulative information sent to the cloud service for processing. Data processing is done at each level at the IoT fabric to minimize the amount of time series data storage required at the cloud and reduce complexities and latencies in decision making. The platform reduces the amount of human intervention in data gathering and adds an order of magnitude in information and analytics capability otherwise missing in regular methods.

Why Xformics Platform

Xformics AI Driven IoT PlatformTM enables organizations to focus on building apps rather than infrastructure. Our platform allows you to scale up very easily with high availability in both IoT hardware and software so that customers can leverage their subscription levels rather than having to design intricate scaling mechanisms. The platform is designed to be blazing fast in comparison to other commercially available solutions and reduces human EDI in data gathering phase. Our platform can integrate with regular industry standard sensors utilizing our rich and configurable IoT fabric. Data and decision latencies are optimized improving the overall UX of the organization. Data compression, multi node decision broadcast and multi-level analytics helps reduce cost as the amount of data flow is an order of magnitude less than conventional IoT Systems.

Further, the Platform brings together the best in class IoT, Datascience and Enterprise/Digital Applications together in a micro-services based fabric that reduces the time to market for application and drives the Digitization of solutions across verticals at a fraction of the cost.


Digitalize and converge the physical and application layers to drive connected intelligent applications that drive insight based optimization with enhanced user experience.

Cost Advantages

Xformics AI Driven IoT PlatformTM strives to reduce the amount of data flow, data storage and analytics complexity by processing the data at multiple levels. The reduced data flow and data storage form a huge cost advantage when the platform is deployed on the cloud. The cost advantage also comes in part with some of the basic analytic functions being executed at the IoT Node or Gateway level which reduces the amount of CPU/GPU necessary on the cloud platform.

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