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OMS & eCommerce

OMS & eCommerce

While our Omni Channel strategy service allows you to create the blue print to be executed, our implementation services take care of the execution and technology. Our team members have extensive experience in implementing eCommerce, Order Management, inventory visibility and catalog/pricing strategy. We also understand the metrics that enables you to streamline your operations.
We are the leaders in IBM Sterling OMS, and Manhattan DOM having managed the largest OMS implementations with multiple parallel releases and high transactional volumes. Many of our resources were part of the team that architected these products. Further, our expertise in microservices, DevOps and our engineering grade accelerators enable scalable, repeatable deployment of your OMS applications.


We also deployed the first instance of WCS on Commerce on Cloud, have experience implementing Punchout for a 20B+ customer, and have pioneered the concept of a unified cart across eCommerce, OMS and Store applications.



Order Management is a central part of any retailers’ ecosystem which interfaces and interacts with almost all surrounding systems. An efficient and flexible order management system is required to provide seamless transition between order capture channels. We bring our wide knowledge and focus to your aid to get you the most of your OMS. Further, our deep knowledge of retail store operations, distribution centers and Warehouse Management Systems, supply chain systems and eCommerce enables a holistic view of the end to end process maximizing synergies across the systems.


eCommerce or Webstore is the primary interface for your customers and driver of all your online business. Accuracy of inventory, site responsiveness, high availability, targeted marketing and deals, cross sells and upsells, customer reviews and reports, accurate delivery predictions and attractive item information page all contribute to customer satisfaction and increased sales. Our vast experience implementing web fronts in US and Europe, experience in microservice based implementation and commerce on cloud implementations reduces the deployment time for the application while providing a coherent and optimal user experience for your customers.

Why Us

Having the right team to implement your eCommerce and OMS solutions is important to ensure a scalable, configurable, optimized implementation which retains adaptability to requirement changes and reduces maintenance costs. We are the right choice for you because

  • We have experience across eComm, OMS, Store Applications and WMS systems providing an end to end expertise across the application space. We have implemented OMS and eComm solution in US and Europe for large multinational brands.
  • Our team members have managed and architected the largest implementations of Sterling Order Management, Call Center and Sterling Store solutions.
  • We have architected some of the largest implementations of WebSphere Commerce with expertise in microservice based architecture, implementation of the first commerce on cloud WCS implementation, punchout and more.
  • We have pioneered innovation by executing the only ‘Zero Down Time’ upgrade of Sterling OMS as well as devised strategies that allowed for live testing of orders in production.
  • Our IoT and data science solutions plug into the OMS, eCommerce and WMS applications to create the Stores and warehouses of the Future learn more.
  • Our expertise in on-prem and cloud infrastructure, DevOps, IaaS and CICD concepts drives faster repeatable deployments and optimal configuration of your infrastructure.
  • Our engineering grade accelerators drive down the deployment time and turnaround time for fixes.

The How

We work with our customers in multiple modes of engagement. We have driven large scale end to end programs, worked as an SME with our customers driving key decisions as well as provided Managed Services to customers maintaining their Production and ancillary systems. We will closely work with you to:

  • Thoroughly evaluate you requirement by conducting solution definition workshops and share industry best practices.
  • Configure your systems maximizing Out Of Box (OOB) implementation to reduce maintenance cost.
  • Customize the solution in line with your future roadmap, application scaling requirements and best coding practices.
  • Integrate the solution with supporting systems optimizing interactions for inventory, sourcing and catalog.
  • Help you migrate to the latest features.
  • Help you to manage the flow the information to all customer interaction channels.
  • Guide in maintenance of Test environments reducing time to build.
  • Implement process improvements to the deployment strategy,coordinating between multiple teams and ensuring deployment readiness.
  • Provide Deployment and post production support.
  • Evaluate and execute upgrades.

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