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Xformics' Nanda getting UN award for US innovation

Xformics is dedicated to development of Green Energy and technologies that reduce our carbon footprint. We are at the forefront of green evolution developing and promoting technologies such as efficient lights, next generation solar energy and batteries, smart energy technology that regulates and reduces the wastage of energy.

Xformics expanding into Oceania

Xformics team meets key Government Ministers and Officials as well as corporate leaders as we expand into Oceania countries. Xformics will also be investing in the education sector to create a vibrant local workforce that will help us implement our next-gen solutions

Maintcon Bahrain:

Congratulations to the Xformics team for showcasing cutting edge Predictive Analytics technology for asset maintenance in the Bahrain Maintcon summit and chairing key discussions. The future of industrial is morphing with the advancement of technologies supporting Industrial 4.0. The Xformics team is proud to be at the vanguard of the evolution.

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