Xformics AI Driven IoT Platform
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Xformics IOT Platform Data Science Components

  • Xformics Analytics BankTM
    The Analytics Bank is a master repository of numerous AI/Machine Learning models that can be leveraged to address specific set of problems across various industries. These models are developed as generic and scalable archetypes that can be customized to handle various formats of data from heterogeneous sources. For eg., in an industrial context some of these models can be used to develop ‘Digital Twins’ of processes or assets that can be used to understand the existing state and identify any deviation from an ideal or desired state. Another set of analytics can be leveraged to enable decision making from a commercial standpoint in situations such as sourcing, supply chain and logistics. These analytics shall leverage the Xformics IoT components for data acquisition and management to effectively model an optimum solution. From an implementation standpoint, the AI/Machine Learning models from the Analytics Bank can be deployed either onsite, on cloud or a hybrid framework depending upon customer requirements and sensitivity of the data.
  • Xformics Analytics VaultTM
    The master repository in the Analytics Bank is categorized and secured as several Analytics Vaults. Each of these vaults correspond to a set of domain specific problems developed using statistics, AI, Machine Learning and First principles based approaches. Xformics takes security and data privacy seriously and will take all effort to build secure AI and Machine Learning models hardened through proprietary Cybersecurity Protocols. This is the key key reason behind segregating analytic models into secure vaults protecting sensitive model parameters and customer data.

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