Xformics Opportunities


We are looking to expand our team with the brightest talent who are driven to deliver. Our company is structured so that anyone, no matter your role or level of experience, can execute on a good idea.There are no barriers; the only true limit to your potential is you. We are eager for you to join us.


Who you are


Problem solver; can’t wait to share solution with others.

Champion of the mission:

Passionate, driven, committed and optimistic. Take ownership of initiatives and see it through.

Know to Simplify:

Distill a problem to its essence. Prioritize. Make and communicate clear decisions.

An Entrepreneur:

Be creative, understand constraints, ready to delve into new areas and make clear actionable plans.

An Adventurer:

Always learning and curious. Open minded, risk tolerant.

What you do

Engagement Management and Client Services:

  • Project and Program Managers having experience handling complex IT programs.

Engineering, Architects and Technologists:

  • Sterling and Manhattan OMS experts
  • Engineers with experience building SAAS products and utilizing cloud computing platforms
  • Engineers with experience in social media technology platforms
  • Technologists with experience in machine learning and genetic algorithms
  • Mobile development experts
  • College graduates in business, technology or sciences with aptitude to learn and proficiency in programming in Java Javascript,HTML5, Node.js,Angular.js, Bigdata technologies, machine learning and genetic algorithms etc.

Why Us

Just like we expect of you, we have no barriers too. Work with the most creative people who have years of experience, yet give in to their inner kid of innovation. We are great at listening to all voices and know wisdom is not the fiefdom of few.

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