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Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas


Early anomaly detection of failure modes related to:
a) Electric Submersible Pumps: These can be for example, unbalanced pump vibration, Spinning diffusers, High Sand volume erosion etc.
b) Offshore Oil Extraction Turbo-machines: Multiple failure modes related to critical sections of Turbo-machineries such as compressor, blade, combustor, rotor etc.


Catastrophic failures can be prevented that may lead to serious/irrepairable equipment damage. Multi-million dollar business productivity loss can be avoided Environmental pollution that could result as of equipment malfunction/damage can be averted or significantly reduced.



Deep Learning is a specialized area of Machine Learning that shows promise in detecting anomalies earlier ahead of a forced outage event thereby preventing several mechanical and financial damage to the business. Deep Learning techniques rely on complex networks of Neural networks that can uncover hidden relationship between parameters that significantly contribute to anomalies. These techniques can be developed generically such that they can be customized to target multiple failure modes with minimal effort along with domain expert input.

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