Xformics' scalable and high performing AI-driven Edge IoT Platform enables a wide range of end-to-end solutions that encompasses all stages of IoT such as sensor design and deployment, advanced datastream integration with Edge Intelligence, high performing AI and enterprise application Service Fabric that can be deployed On-prem or on the Cloud.


Our solutions enabled by our next generation IoT, AI and application fabric and our optimized platform that processes million plus transactions/sec cater to your every need.
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Our services team backed by our advanced engineering and research team provide you the very best of talent to realize your vision in an optimized fashion ensuring your success.
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We have solutions catering to many verticals with experts having years of practical experience, and the capability to address any problem, reach out to our experts.

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Services offered

Xformics is a company that offers a Scalable AI-driven IoT Plaform enabling a wide range of end-to-end solutions from Device to Decision making.

OMS & E-Commerce

Our team members have extensive experience in implementing eCommerce, Order Management, inventory visibility and catalog/pricing strategy.
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Inventory Management

We have implemented unified view of inventory for large systems spanning 20+ distributions centers and 1000+ stores.

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DevOps, Quality & Performance

We will engage with your team and use our expertise to ensure that you have the proper infrastructure and supporting tools in place.

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Engineering & Product Services

We have built a very strong engineering team with the purpose of creating broad range of products that can cater to customers of all sizes ranging from large retailers to small/mid-size businesses.
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Release Engineering

Our Release engineering process streamlines your ability to ship software.We brings consistency, reproducibility and verifiability to the build and release cycle.

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Staffing Services

Xformics Staffing services serve both Xformics Research Labs and our corporate clients to provide the best in class resources across multiple specialties.

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SmartSource TM is a Machine Learning based Framework for Strategic Sourcing.


Xformics AI Driven IoT PlatformTM

Xformics AI Driven IoT PlatformTM enables organizations to focus on building apps rather than infrastructure. Our platform allows you to scale up very easily with high availability in both IoT hardware and software so that customers can leverage their subscription levels rather than having to design intricate scaling mechanisms. The platform is designed to be blazing fast in comparison to other commercially available solutions and reduces human EDI in data gathering phase.
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