Order Management, Inventory Management and related services

Sterling OMS

While our Omni Channel strategy service allows you to create the blue print to be executed, our implementation services take care of the execution and technology. Our team members have extensive experience in implementing Order Management, inventory visibility and catalog/pricing strategy. We also understand the metrics that enables you to streamline your operations

Order Management

Order Management is a central part of any retailers’ ecosystem which interfaces and interacts with almost all surrounding systems. An efficient and flexible order management system is required to provide seamless transition between order capture channels. We bring our wide knowledge and focus to your aide to get you the most of your OMS.

Why Us

Our team members have managed and architected the largest implementations of Sterling Order Management, Call Center and Sterling Store solutions. They have deep expertise in deployment strategy across large number of stores. In addition, we have pioneered innovation by executing the only ‘Zero Down Time’ upgrade of Sterling OMS as well as devising strategy that allows for live testing of orders in production. With our expert understanding of the configuration, deployment and testing of your OMS solution, we are excellently poised to deliver beyond your expectations.

The How

We will

  • Thoroughly evaluate you requirement by conducting asolution definition workshop and share industry best practices.
  • Configure your systems maximizing Out Of Box (OOB) implementation to reduce maintenance cost.
  • Customize the solution in line withyour future roadmap, application scaling and best coding practices.
  • Integrate the solution withsupporting systems optimizing interactions for inventory, sourcing and catalog.
  • Help you migrate to the latest features.
  • Help you to flow the information to all customer interaction channels.
  • Guide in maintenance of Test environments reducing time to build.
  • Implement process improvements to the deployment strategy,coordinating between multiple teams and ensuring deployment readiness.
  • Provide Deployment and post production support.
  • Evaluate and execute upgrades.

Inventory Management

A responsive and accurate Inventory Management system is the need of the hour for many retailers. However,maintaining visibility to an up-to-date inventory is quite complex due to multiple factors such as delivery modes available to the shipping address, cost of item/order purchased,shipping strategy for items across zones, and disparity in the way stores and FCs report and maintain their inventory. Now add additional factors such as high demand for certain seasonal items, difference in item velocity, effects of promotions to the mix.The resultant load placed on a traditional inventorymanagement systemwould either slow down your online inventory lookup or lead to loss of synchronization with the backend systems resulting in issues such as overpromising. If you are looking to solve this conundrum, contact us.

Why Us

We have implemented unified view ofinventory for large systems spanning 20+ distributions centers and 1000+ stores. The latest strategy in unified visibility of inventorycenters around combining view from fast, distributed no-sql systems with traditional RDBMS system to provide the best view. We have experts with years of experience handling performance who can help you in building the right solution for your enterprise

Catalog, Pricing and Promotions and other related services

An effective strategy requires a cohesive approach to item and catalog management, handling of pricing and promotions across multiple channels and more. We have the experience of handling these issues across multiple retailers. Leverage our expertise to dissipate the effects of years of siloed development of in-store and online systems.

Why Us

We have corporate IT experience in dealing with the issues from both business and technology perspective. We have handled pricing and promotion across multiple channels, enabled visibility of retail only items online and more.