Omni Channel Strategy & Architecture

Omni Redefined
Omni is an overused term that is hardly understood in its entirety leading to problems in definition and execution of initiatives. Omni is not just a channel (of order capture) concept, but an organization paradigm. Omni encompasses breaking the traditional silos within the organization, promoting cross business unit co-operation and innovation, integration between multiple systems, cross visibility of portfolios and key initiatives as well as harmonization of architectural ideologies. The Omni concept extends beyond traditional IT domain to promoting co-operation between CMO, Business and the IT heads. Omni initiatives require seamless interactions between multiple business units to provide a unified experience to the customer.

The Need

Defining and implementing Omni Channel Strategy and Architecture is a complex task.There is no set formula you can bank on. Your strategy needs to take into account your brand image, your customer profile and your current technology platformto create the most efficient path to realize YOUR vision. Let us help you shape your vision with best practices from multiple retailers.

Why Us

We have corporate IT experience leading Omni vision as well as consulting experience implementing Omni solutions at some of the largest retailers such as Lowe’s, Kohl’s and Staples. We have the expertise to guide your strategy and execution across business and IT boundaries to realize your true potential. We are the leaders in realizing the maximum benefit out of Omni initiatives such as Buy Online Pick-up In Store (BOPIS), Buy Online Return In Store (BORIS), Reserve Online Buy In Store (ROBIS), Ship From Store (SFS), Ship To Store (STS), Buy Anywhere Fulfill Anywhere (BAFA), integration with merchandize planning and allocation systems etc.

The How

Once engaged, we willimplement our proven methodology that takes you step by step towards defining and executing your Omni strategy.We will:

  • Work with you to evolve your Omni Channel strategy by identifying the key decision points and guiding you to make the correct choice in line with your brand image.
  • Help you in re-structuring your organization with minimal changes to enable efficient planning and execution.
  • Guide you through the right choice of technology and tools and help you execute the strategy.
  • Guide you through business process and strategies to deploy buy online pick-up in store, reserve online and pay at store, ship to store, ship from store and related Omni services such as visibility to orders across systems.
  • Help you in optimizing your store work force and advise on creating a coherent strategy to handle Omni operations.
  • Share with you the industry best practices and help define your future roadmap.


We are your partners in managing the end-to-end delivery of Omni initiatives beyond the limited domain of order management.